Friday, January 14, 2011

This week, the letter M

It was a busy week! Here are the highlights...
Mooncake by Frank Asch
This book is FULL of learning opportunities!!
Here are the boys tasting snow (Is it delicious like Bear said in the book?) It does NOT snow often here in cool that it snowed the weekend before we read this book!! :)
We also talked about what trees looked like during each of the four seasons (pictured in the book), what bears and birds do during the winter months, and other signs of each season.

Saying the pledge (a daily occurrence)

Last week, we learned to praise God through prayer. This week, we learned to PRAISE God through music, singing, instruments, and dancing. We listened to "Make a joyful noise to the Lord/I will not be silent" (David Crowder Band) *also a blessing, because this was our Bible verse for the week!!!* and "Mighty to Save." We talked about how God made everything for His glory (one of the catechism questions) and how the trees and flowers glorify God (as the David Crowder Band song said.)

Bible Verse:
"Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth." Psalm 100:1

Bible Story:
Stories of Moses all week
(Jesus Storybook Bible)

Math and Language Arts:
We learned about opposites and discussed the examples in a couple of our "Opposites" library books:
A Garden of Opposites by Nancy Davis
Exactly the Opposite by Tana Hoban

Moses dot-to-dot

Copywork this week included: Psalm 100:1, m words, and other memory verses

Journal: Draw things that start with the "m" sound; What does it look like outside during the Winter?

Geography: (America unit) USA map puzzle

Book for fun: My "m" Sound Box by Jane Belk Moncure

Science/book for fun: From Head to Toe by Eric Carle (body awareness)

Vocab words from RRSP (Trace letter M, cut out cards, put in binder)

AND our work boxes from this week:
Paint pallet with primary and secondary color/color-mixing

Clothes Pin Number Match Card
I cannot remember where I got this idea from!!!

Sponge painting the moon on our letter M for our wall alphabet
Learning about money (coin labeling and counting)
Fun M&M activities from Confessions of a Home schooler

A baby Moses color and cut puzzle

Coloring our map of America for our Unit Study

A game of Memory
Another book for fun:
Monkey Mo Goes to Sea by Diane Goode

Books for Science:
I Spy in the Texas Sky by Deborah Ousley Kadair (clouds and for our Texas unit study)
My Five Senses by Margaret Miller (for body awareness)

Fridays are Science Experiment Days!! We didn't get to it today, because we were gone ALL day. I'm hoping to do this tomorrow. Yes, sometimes we do school on the weekend or on "holidays." Since we are doing the Body Awareness Unit Study, we are doing very simple experiments with our 5 senses. Last week, we did a smell and guess experiment. This week...touch and guess :) (making sure I get in a little tactile activity every now and then haha)

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