Thursday, December 17, 2009

recycling broken crayons you have as many broken crayons as we have? we tried this last summer (and just put our crayons out in the hot sun.) they melted perfectly, but we had only put them in a bowl, so the only way to get it out was to scrape it into a million pieces. this time, we did it per the directions. they turned out like they were supposed to, and the boys have already colored with them. i would love to figure out a way (with some type of mold) to turn them into an actual crayon shape. the discs are a little awkward to color with. guess we'll have to try again another day...

step 1: remove all paper from crayons
caution! children only last so long for this part, and you
WILL find yourself left alone for this fun task

step 2: divide broken crayons however you wish into paper-filled
muffin pan

step 3: put in the oven at 275, let them melt for 10-15 minutes,
remove paper and voila!

**something to remember: save some of those broken crayons!
they are great for practicing correct pencil grasp!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

craft ideas

...i really need to write these down somewhere i won't lose them. oh! my blog!!

crafts for me to do:

no-sew fleece pillows
silhouettes of boys' profiles
chalkboard plates for above kitchen tables
frame the boys' art and hang in their room
recycled magazine gift bows
make memory game card holders

crafts for j to do (with or without help):

tie-dye play silks
recycle broken crayons

Thursday, December 10, 2009

creativity at play

...the artist contemplates his next color choice...
(i caught him posed like this)

"next, we mix it all up..."

my current challenge? placing all of our arts and crafts supplies
at easy access for this one and keeping them OUT of the little guys' reach! hmmmm...


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

a day in the kitchen's not very often we make jello around here! needless to say, the boys were excited. of course, t would not even touch the stuff, since it looked "different." j loved it, and i thought it was pretty tasty, as well. we had planned on using our cookie cutters to cut out some christmas shaped jello, but it was a little too messy. j said, "that's okay, mom! i can just eat it like that! i don't care!!"

on the menu for our red and green lunch was (green) steamed broccoli, (red) apple slices, (green) grapes, (green) lime jello, (green) kiwi, and (red) raspberries. i had planned on adding (green) pickles to the meal, but i forgot until later. talk about a SUPER lunch ;) (i shudder to think about changing diapers later!!)

e inhaled his broccoli...and j's broccoli, and t's broccoli....AND then my broccoli once he joined me on my lap. he also ate his green grapes and his raspberries...along with some kiwi and shredded mozzarella cheese. (i don't know where this child came from b/c he is certainly not like my other two.)

(my plate...excuse the bite out of my apple...they were honeycrisp, and i couldn't resist!)

while our broccoli was steaming, j helped me prepare some chocolate chocolate chip cookies for a cookie exchange i am going to tonight. he loves "those little brown things," so he was allowed to eat four after we got our batter all mixed up.

what a fun morning. i must say, i am tempted to do a "color schemed" lunch/snack more often after the fun we had preparing and eating our lunch today.

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