Monday, November 22, 2010

More with the letter K

Well, my camera is broken. Here are a couple more pictures I took of our letter K activities!

Our letter K for the wall alphabet
(K is for King)

Tracing/Coloring page

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

J's writing face

...ALWAYS with his tongue out :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Our school drawers

This is how we do school nowadays:

We have 10 drawers (aka school drawers/workboxes) labeled with the numbers 1-10 on little circle disks with velcro attaching them to the drawers. J (and T if he is joining us) gets to pick any of the drawers, in the order of his choosing. He takes the number off of the drawer and places it in the basket on top, and we do that activity together. The catch is that we have to get through all 10 of the drawers before I will fill them with new activities and manipulatives. I LOVE doing it this way, and J seems to really be having a better attitude about everything. He has a say in what we do next, so it helps him to have a willing and teachable heart.

I fill the drawers with as many different things as I can think of. We have a set of shelves in our mud room full of different manipulatives and activities and arts/craft supplies, a file drawer full of worksheets, and sometimes I even throw in something from the kitchen (like when we sorted and ate jelly beans for the letter J.)

Here are some of the drawers from this week that didn't directly correlate with the letter K (I mean, I can only take so much of the letter just gets old!!)

In the drawer: a piece of chalk and a washcloth (our eraser)
J wrote 1-10 on the chalkboard

In the drawer: magnetic letters
J picked out vowels and put them on the chalk board
In the drawer: a notebook and a marker
J traced Genesis 1:1

In the drawer (from the Letter I): Inchworm counting cards from Confessions of a Homeschooler J counted the number of inchworms on each card and found the corresponding number

In the drawer: Inchworm clip cards also from Confessions of a Homeschooler
J placed the correct number of mini clothes pins on each card

Monday, November 15, 2010

and I and J and tag-along K????

Yikes!! Sometimes, I forget I have this blog, so it gets neglected!
We really did learn about the letters I and J.
I have two children whose names begin with J, after all...they were very excited about that week!
(or it might have been because they got to sort and eat jelly beans.)
Anyway, no promises about getting up pictures or a post about those letters. We are on to the letter K this week!!

K is for kite!

Step 1: Cut kite shapes out of different color construction paper, punch a hole and tie on a coordinating colored yarn.

Step 2: Lace coordinating colored beads to the correct kite.

Step 3: Count the beads on each kite and label accordingly!

I truly cannot remember where I read the idea for this activity. If you are reading this blog, and this idea was yours, send me the link, and I'll give you credit!!!! :)
More K fun to come!!
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