Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Preschool Time



Monday, April 8, 2013

Over a year later!

We are still going strong with homeschooling. In fact, at the moment, we are much stronger than we were a year ago! We are in the groove, soaring through different curricula with our school drawer system in place. We have kept up with some of the same things, but a lot of our subjects are new. Here is a peak into a morning of school while the little boys were at preschool (which makes for a MUCH more productive morning!)

We have started typing! We are using Typing Web Tutor, which is a free set of typical typing lessons online. It is so nice, because I just pull up the site, log them in, and start the lesson. Of course, it is difficult while their hands are still small, but they do surprisingly well. Plus, I know now that their fingers and hands will be used to the proper way of typing on the keyboard.


Every day, J and T have a 15 minute time of reading quietly to themselves.

Of course, we have worksheets and workbooks for things like Phonics and Math.
We are using Horizons for Phonics and Spelling and Abeka for Arithmetic.

I created simple unit studies for History and Geography. 
For History, we are studying the U.S. Presidents: Their names, vice presidents, date of office, birthplace, and interesting facts.
For Geography, we are learning about the States. We study the capital, the abbreviation, the nickname, and some various interesting facts. Of course, we label it on the wall map, too!

 (We are also doing an Inventors and Inventions unit study from Confessions of a Homeschooler's blog, but we didn't get to it today...so no pictures!)

 They take turns reading aloud to me...
 (and occasionally that means standing in the kitchen reading while I make lunch!)

I try to fit in some fun things for T (he is in Kindergarten after all!), like cutting and pasting and other various crafts. J doesn't care so much about doing those things, so I make him practice his scissor skills and drawing during other lesson time.

They are both on track, if not ahead, with where they are "supposed" to be.
I love listening to them read and seeing the vast improvements. T is best at handwriting, reading, and drawing. J is best at math and science. It is so fun to see their different personalities and right brain vs. left brain tendencies and strengths. God truly created us each with unique abilities and gifts. 

Some other time, I hope to do a post on our preschool and tot school activities. E loves doing school at home and is so excited to be homeschooled next year. S could take it or leave it, but he sure does love his snack drawer :) 

-Until next time...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just another reason I love homeschooling...

Today, we did school at the Butterfly Exhibit in Dallas
Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Art, and Recess
all wrapped up in one Field Trip :)

T working on his questions

E looking for butterflies on the "map"

It was so fun letting them explore and have the freedom to go wherever they wanted.

Don't miss the butterfly in this one...

T listening to the man describe the moth's camouflage

Outside to explore, snack, and let the stroller-bound boy out to stretch his legs

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