Friday, January 21, 2011

This week, finishing the Letter M

We had a few things leftover from last week, plus we had a few sick days this week.
Here are some of our activities!

Macaroni on the letter M for our ABC Binder

Geography: USA Map puzzle

Mouse/letter M patterns and Super Mario fruit snack patterns :)


  1. You have some really good ideas on here and I am so glad you found me through HOTM. I felt so relieved by your comment after my post. I kind of wait with baited breath after a post like that and think, wow, did I really just share all that?!? It would totally make my day if you would become a follower of my blog. I'm going to follow yours because I need all of the homeschool support I can get and it looks like our children are close in age.

  2. Girl, you are so creative. I love the ABC binder idea!


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