Friday, January 6, 2012

A New "Curriculum"

Because of all the fun I had planning for our 25 days of Christmas Fun in December, I decided to go with the idea of themes for the rest of the school year. It really has nothing to do with Justus' lesson is all the extra-curricular FUN stuff we can all do together aside from school work.

January's theme is SNOW. In February, we will talk about LOVE (and will have an acrostic and weekly memory verses and activities to go along with that as well.) In March, I am planning some fun with March Madness. I think J and T will have a lot of fun getting involved in that.

This month, we will be doing things like making paper snowflakes, having snow cones for a special snack, and making miniature igloos out of ice cubes (if it works!!)

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