Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday Three

Today, E did his shape puzzles aka Tangram puzzles,

some Do-A-Dot painting (Thank you, Mimi and Granddude!!!),

and some scissor practice.

I absolutely LOVE this workbook. I bought ours at Barnes and Noble. There is something in there for all different levels of beginning cutting. Today, E cut a clown's hair.

There was also a really fun collection of pages for a pizza party. T LOVES this book, so he was thrilled to have it in one of his drawers this morning. He got to cut out a chef's hat, a pizza pan, pizza slices, and toppings. He even decided to glue on the toppings and hand out slices of pizza to each of us.

As I was taking pictures in the school room, I heard a little voice outside the gate saying, "Cheese!!" I couldn't resist :)

J is looking so much older. He seems like such a big boy to me in so many ways, but when he sits at his desk, working on his spelling or in his journal, I am flabbergasted at how old and mature he looks. (even if he does hang his tongue out of his mouth when he is trying to concentrate :) )

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