Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thursday Three

Really? Am I committing to another weekly blog post?

I thought it would be fun to post
three pictures
about what my
does for school on

(notice the theme?? ;) )

I think this age is difficult as far as "school" goes. (Okay, I'll stop that now ;) ) Some days go wonderfully, while other days???
I never know how much school work E will be interested in on any given day. Sometimes, I don't have enough planned and set up for him. Other days, he barely gets through one school drawer before I send him upstairs to play or take a nap. Anyway, we'll see if I post consistently...hope you enjoy any ideas you glean from my trials and errors!!! :) (or at the very least, I hope you enjoy seeing a cute three-year-old's face a little more!!)

H tracing page
(H is for House)

sorting links by color
(This manipulative is so great for any age. There are idea workbooks where older children can make patterns, follow instructions to create given patterns, etc.)

Lacing shapes

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