Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A little project we're working on...

The first picture is by Keri Campbell. Her photo was my inspiration to start making these pictures with the boys. We are going to frame them and hang them up in the play room. I am not that thrilled with our "green" leaves photo, but we couldn't make the letters outside because of the windy day. We ended up making it in the garage, and I think I'll end up retaking a "green" picture. We have blue ice cubes freezing overnight to make our "blue" picture. We'll see how they all turn out!!!

Any ideas for other colors? Red, orange, black, purple, ...
*Trying to think of things that are always naturally that certain color. My first thought for red was blood, but (as much as at least one of my boys would love that), I don't think it would look very welcoming on a play room wall.*

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