Saturday, March 27, 2010

spring is in the air

...and in our case, also in the house :)
we started our spring nature table a little early
(with all the impromptu butterfly events!)

but thanks to the beautiful weather this week,
we were able to bring quite a few
outdoor things in.
the green cup contains a leaf j picked up under our rose bush.
it was still alive, and he decided it needed water because it was thirsty.
(he checks on it often.)
rocks, feathers, and pine cones are common occurrences on our nature tables.
the branches will soon hold some Easter "ornaments."

and we were finally able to finish this project,
a homemade bird's nest with painted acorns for bird eggs
we used leftover lint from the clothes dryer,
tacky glue,
and a lot of twigs and leaves.
i must say, birds are amazing creatures...

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