Thursday, March 11, 2010

making a snack and dessert

...we spent awhile in the kitchen today doing 3 different projects.
one of these projects was a snack
granola, baby goldfish, peanuts, and honey nut chex

great practice with pouring, measuring,
serving ourselves and others,
and being self-sufficient

it was enjoyed by all 3 boys...and me!!
(surprisingly very yummy!)
sometimes, things just taste better when you get
to make them yourself ;)

we also made some "easy as pie" fudge
it WAS easy to make, but it didn't harden as fudge should
i won't bother posting the recipe as i don't have much faith in it,
but j and t had fun making it!

i am also not sure about our 3rd project.
we took a stab at making our own sun catchers,
and i am so hoping they turn out.
they were very fun to make, and if they do dry properly,
they will be beautiful.
we'll have to be patient and wait a few days to see...

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