Saturday, February 4, 2012

Loving their Daddy

1 - "I love you" cards decorated and the first wooden heart given to kick things off
2 - A surprise drink and snack left in Daddy's car at work with the 2nd wooden heart
Plays with us
3 - A living room decorated with balloons, streamers, pictures colored; a scavenger hunt this time for the wooden heart
Hard Worker
4 - Feet and Hands Massage; a wooden heart behind their back
Loves us Well
5 - An extra couple hours of sleep followed by breakfast in bed; wooden heart between the toast and bacon
6 - Notes and drawings on the bathroom mirror; wooden heart on the sink faucet
Builds Legos with us
7 - A video; a heart
Best Dad in the world
*To see the video full screen, pause it then click the link on the top left.

8 - Roses are Red poem and large colorfully painted hearts; mini wooden heart, too, of course
Good at cutting hair :)
9 - Numerous smiley faces on the living room floor made out of pennies, legos, and blocks (WHY did I not take a picture??); a wooden heart representing the reason for the smiles
Joyful (one of my FAVORITE things about Derek is his joy in life!!)
10 - Red sauce with spaghetti noodles with meatballs, red raspberries and strawberries, sparkling red grape juice (for the grown ups), and heart-shaped toast AND red velvet cupcakes!!; wooden heart in the middle of it all

11 - L.O.V.E. pictures framed, with notes from each boy; wooden heart delivered by Josiah

12 - Outback Steakhouse for dinner, a journal for jotting down memories of marriage for our boys to one day read; wooden heart by a candle-lit dinner

13 - Two boys all dressed up to serve Daddy dinner...and then he comes home with something different already planned. Postponing this one :); The wooden heart was served up by Titus before saying goodnight

14 - Ended the 14 days simply by leaving a card from each boy on their pillow for Daddy. "What is your favorite thing about Daddy?" (Josiah's card said "What is your favorite thing in the whole world?" Inside: DADDY! It's so true...); wooden heart next to Justus' card

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  1. Wow Anna! What an awesome job you did. You truly showed Derek how much he blesses you and the boys. What a great lesson to the kids and even me:) Love the video. What precious memories.


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