Thursday, September 29, 2011

Native Americans

We are studying Native Americans now...Pilgrims next. We are preparing for Thanksgiving, of course! :) So far, we have read about Indian life, looked through books of photographs, listened to Cherokee music, played a Native American pebbles-in-a-basket game, and the most fun so far? Face painting and feather headress-making today!! Next on the agenda is attempting to make a miniature teepee. I'm glad we throw in the these random subjects and unit studies, on top of our reading, writing, and math. It sure adds a lot of fun and variety to our days!! (and plenty of cute photo ops!)


  1. Love it!! Thanks for sharing your little Indians with me on fb today!

  2. I totally forgot about the pics of the boys in their head-dresses at the bottom of the post! I didn't scroll down enough when showing my friends. hahaha


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