Monday, August 22, 2011

Are you ready to rumble?????????

I'm not, but I'm pretty sure my kids are!! It's as if they know the school year is beginning, even though they've never been. Their hands are eager to dig into the worksheets I've been sorting through, they have been pulling out manipulative after manipulative from our school storage, and they seem to be desiring more of a routine in the day.

The middle 2 boys will be in mother's day out this year...T, 3 days a week and E, 2 days a week. Since J is officially in Kindergarten this year (and by officially, I mean that's what we're declaring), I am really trying to work out a way to fit all kinds of "real" schoolwork into those 2 days when we are minus 2 boys for the morning.

The main "subjects" I am focusing on are:
Speech (J needs this probably more than the 3 above!!)

I love that since it IS Kindergarten, I can throw in all kinds of fun stuff. Even reading, writing, math, and speech can be so much fun...

I hope to sprinkle in a little of the following in between, with, and in the form of(!!) our main subjects:
Games (board games, card games, matching games, etc.)
Computer time
Journal writing
ABC Binder (which we never finished last year)
Vocabulary Binder (from Raising Rock Stars preschool, but I can't find a post that mentions the Vocab cards specifically!)
Science experiments
Field Trips
(and of course, the usual worksheets, manipulatives, and time outside!)

I am still using a lot of the "Letter of the Week" type activities and ideas, but last year proved to me that it did not go well with my obsessive personality. It's like I couldn't wrap my head around any ideas that didn't match up with the letter of that week. Crazy, I know, but at least I recognize my sickness. I am planning themed weeks here and there throughout the year (Rainbow, Airplanes, Ocean, etc.) Hopefully, I can let us enjoy the themes and not get too crazy!!

We "officially" ;) start next week!!!
Hope your school year goes well, wherever your children are learning :)

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