Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This week's painting project

I am usually a paint/draw-whatever-you-want-to-without-a-certain-end-in-mind kind of teacher to my children. I saw these really cute bobble heads at Target a couple weeks ago, and I was saving them for a rainy day. Well, today wasn't rainy in the weather-y sense but rather in terms of everyone's we pulled this activity out. The boys love painting, and I love to see their different personalities in a different light.

Exhibit A: Justus - J is our "I don't want to get my hands/shirt/shorts dirty, and I will do whatever I need to in order to avoid a mess" boy. You can imagine how this would play out when we are painting.

Exhibit B: Titus - I would say Titus' attitude towards paint varies. He either paints his picture/project and then wants to run off and play, or he paints his entire body and practically ignores his paper.

And then there's Exhibit C: Eli - Talk about opposite personalities in one family. Eli couldn't be more different than Justus. If you give Eli a paintbrush and paint, he WILL make a mess, guaranteed. He will completely coat his hands, and if you're lucky (or not, depending on how you look at it) his arms and belly.

(oh and FYI, Eli's hands are completely stained...I couldn't get that paint off no matter how hard I tried.)

I thought after giving the boys these bobble heads and showing them the pictures of the painted animals on the box, they might want to paint them the intended colors. I was wrong :)

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