Monday, November 15, 2010

and I and J and tag-along K????

Yikes!! Sometimes, I forget I have this blog, so it gets neglected!
We really did learn about the letters I and J.
I have two children whose names begin with J, after all...they were very excited about that week!
(or it might have been because they got to sort and eat jelly beans.)
Anyway, no promises about getting up pictures or a post about those letters. We are on to the letter K this week!!

K is for kite!

Step 1: Cut kite shapes out of different color construction paper, punch a hole and tie on a coordinating colored yarn.

Step 2: Lace coordinating colored beads to the correct kite.

Step 3: Count the beads on each kite and label accordingly!

I truly cannot remember where I read the idea for this activity. If you are reading this blog, and this idea was yours, send me the link, and I'll give you credit!!!! :)
More K fun to come!!

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