Thursday, April 22, 2010

our earth day fun honor of earth day today, we did everything we possibly could outside.
we didn't get to do as much as i had planned, because of some light rain,
but it was a nice slow and lazy day :)

we played with roly polies (how in the world do you make
roly poly plural??)

ate our morning snack out back
painted the shed with watercolors
(had fun with the colorful water!)
caught a caterpillar and played with him for a little bit
"fed" him dirt and grass and leaves

j ran inside to get our butterfly book,
and then j and t watched patiently for him
to make his chrysalis and come out as
a beautiful butterfly :)
looked for more caterpillars and other bugs

enjoyed our time together
we walked to the library to check out books about
butterflies and spring (but didn't get a picture of that.)

we were also supposed to have t-ball practice this evening
and then a picnic dinner at the library for an outdoor concert,
but practice was cut short and the concert moved inside because
of the rain. oh well, it was a nice day enjoying our time outside...

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